Download the Fundraising package for youth projects

FUND - Find Utilities for New Driems

FUND is a training organized by Cherry Group from the 1st till the 8th December 2015 in Ommen (Netherlands). The project was developed through non-formal education activities and it had as main goal to discover, share and implement fundraising strategies for associations. More than 30 youth workers coming from more than 20 different associations took part in FUND.

As support for the organizations and youth workers involved in the project the Cherry Group created the manual "Fundraising package for youth projects", now available for free download here.

Raising sponsorships, finding funds for transferring your idea into a project and give more opportunities to youngsters might be easier than you think. There are many ways on how you can generate sufficient financial support in order for your project to be initiated and sustained. This fundraising package is a tool which gives you tips, tricks and examples on what you can do in your own surrounding regarding generating financial support.

Within this fundraising pack you will find the following information:

  •  What is out there?
  •  How to get a project started?
  •  How to make a fundraising plan?
  •  Why do companies and persons give?
  •  Getting started
  •  Create a case for support
  •  A-Z of fundraising ideas 

Download Share your Colors toolkit: a resource to learn how to use media to create campaigns and to promote LGBTQIA+ people's inclusion

Share Your Colors Youth exchange

Share Your Colors is a youth exchange organized by Olde Vechte Foundation from 5th to 14th July 2016 in Ommen (Netherlands). The project was developed through non-formal education activities and it had as main goal to learn the use of media to create media campaigns to promote the inclusion of LGBTQIA+people in society. The project involved more than 40 young people from 8 European countries.

During the project the participants created a tookit aimed to spread the competences gained which is possible to download at this link.

The toolkit includes:

  •      Definitions of specific vocabulary related to gender and LGBTQIA+ issues
  •      Gender identity and use of pronouns
  •      Map of equal rights extension for LGBTQIA+ people in Europe
  •      Campaigns: what they are, how they are created, the main points of  a successful campaign, problems and difficulties, examples of media campaigns, campaigns created during the exchange
  •      Photography: basic rules (rule of the third, image composition and focus)
  •      Video: basic tools, production, editing, tips and tricks
  •      Social Media: what they are, used in media campaigns, the power of social media
  •      Design: the impact of the design in conveying the message, examples

Active Rainbow tools & material

Active Rainbow is a youth exchange organized by Olde Vechte Foundation from 15th to 24th February 2016 in Ommen (Netherlands) it involved more than 40 participants from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania and Spain in the development of personal awareness, competences related to the concept of gender and skills relevant for LGBTQIA+ activism. The project was implemented primarily through activities based on non-formal education and funded by Erasmus Plus program.

Look at the video of the exchange


During the project the participants created Active Rainbow Booklet: From Personal Roots to Local Actions a mannual on social inclusion, personal development and informal educational tools! It captures and documents the lessons learned and good practices for engaging young people in the promotion of human rights and social inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people in societies.

In the Booklet you can find:
- the 10 unique workshops created by participants
- Articles & Testimonials by participants, who share their experience and raise their voices on LGBTQIA+ matters
- Graphic Facilitation of the Exchange
- Background of the Project: Social Inclusion vs Social Exclusion, Discrimination
- Video campaign Inter-active Love
- Follow-up activities

Download Active Rainbow Booklet: From Personal Roots to Local Actions


During the project some participants created an original song about freedom of love

Listen Love is Plural

Rainbow Day and post-exchange activities

On Saturday 7th May 2016 the Italian participants organized an event at Stranamore social club, in Pinerolo, the Rainbow Day, where they facilitated some workshops aimed to create emphathy towards LGBTQIA+ people and experiencing how diversity is excluded practically in society; about terminology and concepts that belongs to the area of gender and LGBTQIA+ world.
Also the other national groups organized activities to give a follow-up to the exchange in their local area and to multiply the impact of the project on the society.

Leggi il report sulle attività post-scambio