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Who we are

Vagamondo is a group involved in international mobility projects founded in September 2013 in the province of Turin,  Italy. The group is made by people who have gained more than 10 years experience in non-formal education and in youth work in Italy and abroad.

Our vision: to contribute to the development of our society and to create a world that works for everyone out of love, care and cooperation.

Our missionto create learning and growing opportunities for youngsters and adults in order to develop themselves and to improve the quality of their professional and personal life.

Our methods: Formal, non-formal and informal education; learning by doing; travel as a tool for growth; outdoor activities; coaching; body movement, media activities

Our activitiesWe are involved at international level in youth exchanges and training courses focused on a variety of topics which includes intercultural learning, coaching and self-coaching, trainership skills, outdoor activties, sport and body movement, sustainability and protection of the environment, human rights, use of media and new media, gender studies and LGBTQIA+ issues, volunteering, employability, active participation in the society, self expression through art. As part of those projects we implement activities on our local area focused on the same topics and aimed to reinforce or disseminate the competences gained during the projects.