Sansusī – ESC ✨

“Everything you can imagine is real.” 

Pablo Picasso

Are you a young person who wants to live for 2 months in Latvian countryside (read “almost middle of nowhere”), work with artists, local community, create your own performance, play or whatever is close to your artistic heart?🌞

📅 Date: June – August 2021

📍 Place: Aknīste, Latvia

💡 Topics:  art, self-development, event organising, community living

👥 For whom: Young people living in Europe from 18 to 30 years old

🤹 Coordinator: Piedzīvojuma gars

🗺️ With whom:  Volunteers from other European Countries

📝 How to APPLY: here

📓 Info pack and Registration: here

Deadline to apply: As soon as possible

📤 We appreciate if you share  this information with people who may be interested.