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Training Course | Ravnogor, Bulgaria | Massimiliano

Hello my name is Massimiliano Maiocco, I’m 28 and live in Turin. I work with youngsters with disabilities and I study to become a sommelier.
I attended Synergy Coach Applied training in Ravnogor (Bulgaria) from July 3rd to July 13th 2015 organized by Synergy Bulgaria. We were about thirty participants from different countries (Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Czech Rep., Croatia). The course, focused mainly on ourselves, used non-formal education methods and activities that allowed us in a natural way to rise awareness about ourselves and about the relation we have with what surrounds us, in order to create a happier and more successful life.

I decided to participate in this project because I felt I needed to work a lot on myself and I needed support to do so. The impact the project has had on me was wonderful and very satisfactory. I was not completely sure at first, I was afraid and I did not know what to expect, but then I decided to jump into this experience and I could not have made a better choice. This training has given to me a wider awareness of myself and the confidence to face easier what comes in my daily life. I will keep with me all what I have learned and the wonderful friendships that I have made in these 10 days. I highly recommend this training to anyone in need of a shake to be able to start again with more vigor and determination.