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Youth Exchange | Ommen, Netherlands | Fabrizio

Hi, my name is Fabrizio Gallo, I’m 25 years old and I live in Zagreb, Croatia.
I’m here because I’m doing European Volunteering Service (EVS) in Syncro – Synergy Croatia, NGO located here in Zagreb.
I got in contact with EVS world during a youth exchange called “Europe Express” which happened in March 2015 in The Nederlands, organized byOlde Vechte Foundation.
What could I say about my experience in The Nederlands, in Ommen, In Olde Vechte?
That’s how my adventure happened: I entered the world of volunteering from the back door, without too many expectations about what I would find.
Yes, I was interested in that experience, but I was not expecting that much. Mostly I wanted to challenge myself, I wanted something different.
My reaction was: wow.. Certainly it wasn’t all wine and roses, that’s normal, but the experience helped me to grow, I learned a lot, I learned a lot about the other people, thanks to the people there and I learned also about myself.
One of the best and more vivid memories I have are in fact the people I have met and I got to know, I developed amazing relationships, and that happened also thanks to the organization of the exchange. Every day we worked in small groups always with different people through intense communication and exchange of ideas. It has been an experience which I highly recommend to everybody, it kind of changed my life and I am enormously glad about it.