Global World? Global Learning! Education for global equality

Training Course 🔎Are you interested in education? Are you concerned about global issues? Are you willing to exchange ideas and experiences with like-minded people from other European countries? Then you just have to embark in this transformative learning experience with us!During the training course, we will explore the concept of GLOBAL LEARNING in detail and …

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Re-match with yourself

Youth Exchange Re-match with yourself is a 9-day Youth Exchange program that will gather 36 young people from 6 European countries to discuss and learn about physical and mental well-being. The participants will have the opportunity to question their life habits, and their use of technology to better apprehend their psycho-physical health, discover new cultures …

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Carpe Diem

Youth Exchange The project is focused on living in the moment and will be implemented with the active use of the principles of non-formal learning and education such as meditation and energizer activities, brainstorming sessions, outdoor activities such as active use of the body, art activities, shared experiences, grounding exercises, connecting with oneself and implementing …

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Africa EUnite

Youth Exchange Africa EUnite is a project that connects and brings together young people living in Europe who have a strong connection with Africa. The aim of the project is to learn and share upon the wide concept of African cultures, reflect on issues important for young Europeans with African roots and share about those …

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