cambio di giovani

Green Reset

Hai 18-30 anni, hai voglia di entrare in contatto con la natura, sperimentare uno stile di vita ispirato alla permacultura, disconnetterti dalla tecnologia e connetterti con te stesso e gli altri, divertendoti?
Allora questo è il posto giusto per te!

Feelings against Discrimination

We will focus on understanding how stereotypes and prejudices contribute to discrimination, the relationship between emotional intelligence and discrimination, the relationship between media, emotional manipulation strategies and discrimination.

HeART in Mediation

A good life is like a weaving. Energy is created in the tension. The struggle, the pull and tug are everything. There is an essential connection between life and art, that facilitates our personal well being, and fosters social inclusion in a symbolic and creative dialogue. This process starts from a constant interaction between our physical body, emotions, thoughts and symbols of the personal or collective unconscious. In this training course, we use artistic processes and embodiment to explore and deepen in personal, interpersonal and social issues.

Charge Youth Future

Modern companies and employers agree that soft skills & emotional intelligence are becoming more important than ever and will compete with traditional skills gained at university or the first job.