ESC – ARTS LAB 3.0 🎨

🎼ARTS LAB 3.0 – European Solidarity Corps 🎨

“Art transcends cultural boundaries” – Thomas Kinkade

Engage 5 European artists in volunteering and solidarity activities for children and young people in small, rural communities, in Iași county, Rumania.

Date: March 2021 – October 2021

Place: Tîrgu Frumos, Rumania 

Topics: workshops and events, European projects, Artistic residences, Art labs in schools

Per chi: Giovani che vivono in Europa dai 18 ai 30 anni 


With whom:  5 other volunteers from other European Countries 

 Web page of the project where you can APPLY: link

Deadline to apply: as soon as possible

Info e chiarimenti:

We appreciate if you share  this information with people who may be interested

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