Corso di Formazione Move to move on 元

Training course – Move To Move On 元

“Our bodies know that they belong, it is our minds that make our lives homeless.”
-Jonh O’Donohue

Moving from the mental to the physical level we unleash emotions in the person, in this project we will find out how to do it, what is the impact of the movement on us and we will practice to transmit it to others.
Data: Arrival 13 September, Programme 14-21 September, Departure 22 September
Luogo: Bergolo, Italy
Temi: sport, movement, creating holistic wellbeing, expressing oneself on a corporal level
Per chi: Minimum 22 years old
Con chi: 32 participants from 攻 Bulgaria, 突 Greece, 氣 Italy, 梗 Latvia , Estonia, Spain, Malta, Germany
Coordinatore: Vagamondo Association
Costi e rimborsi:

  • Trip: 40 for residents in Italy, 230 for all other countries listed
  • Participation fee requested by the organizers based on the average income of the countries to be paid on arrival divided as follows:
    Bulgaria: 30
    Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Malta: 40
    Italy, Spain: 50
    Germany: 60
  • Six members* of Vagamondo Association for the year 2020.
  • Other costs are covered by funds from the Erasmus+ programme.

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Scadenza per candidarsi: 5 August 2020
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We appreciate if you share this information with people who may be interested and eligible to participate.

Un progetto organizzato in collaborazione con: Vagamondo Association / 苳郋郇迡訄邽 苤邾郋郕邽郇 / Smokinya Foundation / Seiklejate Vennaskond / Roes Cooperativa / Erasmus Student Network / Prisms Malta / Pinky Promise – Informal Group.

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